Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a Sign!

If you don't mind political slanted stuff then you may want to hop over to my Freelancer's Lament for a moment as there's been more activity there with the economy and election and all. Meanwhile here there will be an explosive of news in the next couple of days that I've returned from my trip and the snowman books are out and a book tour cemented.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Snowman Mugs Are Here!

Cooler History of the Snowman mugs you won't will find anywhere. Each ceramic mug lists the unique chapters of the book (in case you have nothing else to read) and the pictures of 27 colorful snowmen printed around the mug. The total cost of each mug, with shipping and handling, is $15 (Canada, $17) with payment by check or PayPal. The mugs will also be sold at upcoming book events (for $10) which begin in early December (dates & locations to be posted here soon). To order just email me here.

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