Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Sneak Peek Inside The History of the Snowman: From the Ice Age to the Flea Market

A longer musical preview can be found here. If you're a bookstore and want a 8-min. looping movie for your window display, please contact me.

The Search for the First Snowman

Chapter One The Age of Expansion The Twenty-first Century

Chapter Two
The White Trash Years 1975-2000

Chapter Three
The Hollywood Years There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Chapter Four
The Golden Age of Advertising Since the Early 20th Century Snow Sells

Chapter Five
The Dean Martin Years Drunken Debauchery and Other Misgivings

Chapter Six
Snowman Deconstructionism Literary Circles

Chapter Seven
The Birth of a Media Star 1870s-1910s

Chapter Eight
Snowman Photography Since Mid-19th Century Mr. Soundbite

Chapter Nine
The Revolution of 1870 The Snowman’s French Roll

Chapter Ten
Made in America The Snow Angel of 1856

Chapter Eleven
18th Century Snow and Ice Sculpture From Russia with Love Handles

Chapter Twelve
Early American Snowmen, 17th Century New World, Fresh Snow

Chapter Thirteen
Snowman Exploration in Late 16th Century

Chapter Fourteen
Belgian Expressionism The Miracle of 1511

Chapter Fifteen
Early Classism in Snow Sculpture Politically Incorrect Fun

Chapter Sixteen
Italian Snowballs from The 15th Century The Two Ball Theory

Chapter Seventeen
The First Snowman

Chapter Eighteen
The Ice Age Who Came First, the Caveman or the Snowman?

The Complete Meltdown

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