Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snowman Prank

Photo by Zak Holtan

FERGUS, MINNESOTA – When Phil and Denise Nelson returned from vacation they found their driveway blockaded with 15 snowmen courtesy of pranksters slash co-workers of Phil's at the city works department. As reported by The Daily Journal, it's an ongoing joke when a co-worker goes on vacation. Frosty has been found glued to an outhouse seat, roped to our-wheelers and nailed to roofs. This time a plastic Frosty was found about 40 feet high in a tree.

Reporter Susan Larson writes, "Showing no shame, the culprits recruited the assistance of Phil and Denise’s daughters, Kelsey, and Alisha, and Denise’s brother, Dan, all more than willing participants."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snowman Wins Marketing Award

Pierre the Fanatic Hockey Snowman, the team mascot of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes has been honored as the Best Member Club Marketing Campaign award for the 2008 season. The team's marketing efforts this season have revolved around the mullet-sporting, dentally challenged snowman looks like a crazed Muppet that got caught in a fight. He speaks with a French accent, and the hockey team has been running quirky 30-second television spots featuring its newest promotional figure. Runner-up was a Ranger fan who hadn't bathed in ten days.

Monday, March 24, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part V

Mystery solved. Billy Russomano is the artist responsible for Snowmen in Diner. The self-taught Russomano's signature work is a white coffee cup against a brightly colored background. The Sunset Park-based can be found on Prince Street between Mercer and Broadway, or on West Broadway between Prince and Houston, selling his original artwork.

We conclude our art series by revisiting again (for the sake of those new here at Today's Snowman) the arty film short What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowmen. You need to hit the pause button and give it a minute to load before playing–wait for the red bar to go across.

At Funny or the following review was left;
"I hate snowpeople, and I’m glad someone else does (too). They shouldn’t be built in the first place—but if they are, destruction is the only answer."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring is some places

(For those of you who would like to see more cartoons and read humor, I recommend my popular blog Freelancer's Lament. Here you can found out how the whole snowman thing started and learn personal things about me and my life as a cartoonist slash illustrator slash writer slash rodeo clown.)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

38th Annual Snowman Burning

SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN – Lake Superior State University ushered in Spring early today at noon with its 38th annual snowman burning, lighting a fire to their paper snowman's feet.

This year's event featured hot dogs grilled by the LSSU Student Government and poetry by 4th-graders at Washington Elementary School. Poetry has been a part of the ceremony since the beginning (although fewer poets have been willing to read their work at the microphone in recent years). Fourth-grader Eric VanVallis writes:

No more slush.
No more mush.
No more coldness.
No more jackets.
No more boots,
and Especially, no more high heating bills.

If you happen to be in the area you can watch it on TV 9/10 and Fox 33 Cadillac during the Michigan This Morning program starting at 6:30 a.m. on Friday, March 21.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part IV

Today's Snowman had egged on artist/snowman expert, Sandy Kinnee last month when we asked about his cardboard snowman: "What's next? The Highly Combustible Oily Rags Snowman?" Sandy responded with the above highly-flammable creation. Bravo!

An accomplished artist and writer, one can enjoy all at his beautiful new website.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part III

From Marc Snyder's Time Waits For Snow Man copyright 2008 ©

Book artist Marc Snyder not only created my personal favorite snowman in this month's contest (Outsider Snowman) but my favorite snowman artist book Time Waits For Snow Man, published by his Fiji Island Mermaid Press. This was the book version, with special bonus art historical comparisons to The Brief,
Tedious, and Unfulfilling Life of Mr. Snowman.

Marc talking about his snowman in this month's contest; "Wouldn't you know it, my one chance at snowman fame, and I'm up against a world record-holder. It's like being in the "American Idol" tryouts, and going after, I dunno, Bono or someone...

"I'm glad you came out early against snowman kits. As you might have guessed from the books, snowman kits and related phenomenon like jack-o-lantern stencils and sandcastle forms are something I find pretty awful. Seriously, if my two-year old thought there was a right way to make a snowman or carve a pumpkin, I'd feel like a pretty poor parent."

From Marc Snyder's Time Waits For Snow Man copyright 2008 ©

Friday, March 14, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part II

Today's feature is prolific poet Darryl Price from Columbus. I became friends with Darryl through the book (he sent me the above low-brow poster from a local band – no reflection of Darryl's work, mind you) and learned how talented he is. When I asked if Today's Snowman could promote anything of his, he replied, "I've got nothing to plug but my poems. I'm just a poet in the world trying to do my work...I hope it makes you smile and think."


Think I've always been here.
Sometimes I became green
rain.I'm. still. here. Doesn't
matter whose hands fashioned

me this time. I'm part of
those hands, too. I do not
feel alone in the night.
I've known a river of

stars spinning all around
me. My heart is beating
inside each snow. I have
been peed on by dogs and

birds, but I am happy
to have my place among
your trees, the houses, your
footprints. I always

say hello. You give me
reason to smile. Melting's
just our way of coming
and going. You're welcome.

Darryl Price 11/09/07

Thursday, March 13, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part I

Photo by Chris Moskoff 2008©

Today's Snowman will begin today a 5-part series showcasing talented artists and writers in the snowman realm who happen to be friends and supporters of the only online snowman magazine.

David Giacalone is the creator of f/k/a, of "breathless punditry & one-breath poetry," an award-winning forum for "commentary on lawyers and legal ethics, politics, culture...and "real" haiku by...honored guest poets. David has not only mused over the subject of evolution in connection with the snowman, but even provides an interesting analysis of the results of February's snowman contest in conjunction with the presidential election (above is a picture of the runner-up, The University of Colorado snowman now hanging on to dear life); "It didn’t matter that the winner had in fact disappeared before election day. The Today’s Snowman worldwide Snowman Contest for February 2008 demonstrated once again the fundamental importance of having a big, wide base and then getting that base to the polls to vote." More on that here.

From Mr. Giacalone's (a.k.a. dagosan, Prof. Yabut, haikuEsq, Jack Cliente, and ethicalEsq.) blog is inspiring haiku like;

in the howling wind
under the full moon
the snowman, headless
– George Swede from Almost Unseen

naughty child–
instead of his chores
a snow Buddha
– Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue

As readers of my book know, I continue to explore whether or not snowmen were made in 7th century Northern China as snow Buddhas based on evidence that both The Fengdao kejie and the I Ching (the oldest of the Chinese texts), provide their followers with guidelines for how holy images may be reproduced including “…shaped in piled-up snow…” (ca. AD 610 – 640). This topic is addressed more throughly in the snowman book.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vote For Your Favorite Snowman – Here Are Your 8 Choices;

First up, American Snowman by Eric Krause and son from Clifton Park, N.Y. (it's the son in the picture). "...just shy of 9 feet. I used a 2x6 as a ramp to roll the body up and estimate the head to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds...I am not sure how to get the snowman in the contest, so if you could enter it that would be great." You're in!

From the other side of the world in so many ways comes number two, al Fresco Snowman by Wa Sapnin (as in 'What is happening?') photographed in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

Also from Wa Sapnin is snowman number three, The Very Rude Snowman. Wa is originally from London and could have entered many strong competitors from his snowman stockpile. Well done.

Number four is Casual Friday Snowman. This is Hal Stern, Vice President of systems engineering and more importantly, the publisher of The Morning Snowman and Snowman on Fire, in on a conference call with a coordinator in Philadelphia dressed as a gorilla and someone from accounting dressed in a chicken suit.

Number five is Soda Cap Nose by Evan and Quinn Nachtrieb from Hollywood. The eyes are made with tortilla chips (Tostitos Bite-size Gold, I believe, to be exact). The mouth is made from whatever you what it to be. Very cool photo.

Number six, comes to us from English artist Ray Lang, someone who is no stranger to this online magazine. He submits Vintage Snowman, a postcard from Belgium.

Snowmen in Diner is number seven from writer Kevin Dwyer (True Stories of Law & Order and Kiss & Tell) from a diner in Midtown NYC (West-side in the thirties. I am currently tracking down the artist but if anyone knows the artist please pass along the information.).

Number seven is Outsider Snowman made and photographed by fellow Pennsylvanian and multi-talented Marc Snyder, publisher of Fiji Island Mermaid Press (a really beautiful website). A marvelous demonstration of snowmen making. Marc and his snowman book project will be featured later. (Thanks for your plug at FIMP!)

Finally, the previously mentioned world record holder, Olympia Snow Woman submitted officially by Robin Tupper, created by the town of Bethel, Maine.

Welcome to a very strong showing and what will prove to be a hard fought contest. Good luck to all the contestants.

Remember, guns don't kill snowmen, global warming does.
Today's Snowman

Sunday, March 9, 2008

World's Largest Snowman Record Broken

BETHEL, MAINE – The good people of Bethel have officially broken the world record for the largest snowman, previously held by them, by 9 feet. Angus, King of the Mountain was replaced in the record books by a woman named Olympia SnowWoman who weighs in at 13,000,000 lbs. of snow. 5 foot wreaths were used for eyes, 16 skis for eyelashes, 130 ft. scarf, 30 ft. spruce trees for arms and 2,000 ft. of rope for hair.

It was a whole community effort with even the local kids pitching in. Elementary school children made the "carrot" nose made of muslin, chicken wire & wood frame. The Mt. Valley Middle School in Mexico (Mexico, Maine, that is) students painted a 48 ft. circumference fleece hat. And the Mahoosuc Kids Association painted 5 red auto tires that are used for lips.

Congratulations to the town of Bethel, the new world record holder and the first entry in the March Snowman Contest, submitted by Robin Tupper. Special thanks to Robin Zinchuk at the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce for the beautiful photos and their blessing in this month's competition.

Tomorrow more entries! Yes, Today's Snowman is alittle behind schedule as a I hit the road last week randomly creating snowmen in upstate New York (if you spot any with tree snowballs sporting a funny hat, that's mine). Next week you'll meet high-brow artists; poet Darryl Price, book-artist Marc Snyder, snowman philosopher David Giacalone and more art from fellow snowman expert Sandy Kinnee (thanks to this group for patiently waiting in the green room).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Winner of the February Snowman Contest is The Great Snowman of Rotterdam

Congratulations to Gail of Albany who submitted the winning entry and Jeff of Rotterdam, the creator of the snow sculpture, who wound up with 66% of the votes (874). Gail and Jeff's acceptance speech; "We want to thank everyone including the Schenectady Gazette for helping us clinch the contest. It may have only taken a single person to build the snowman, but it took the whole community to win. Our hats go off to the team of alumni from Colorado University. Our goal next year is to go for the tallest snowman/snow-woman in the world – watch out Bethel, Maine! (More on Bethel Friday) Thanks again for allowing us to be a part! Can't wait to see the next entries."

What's next for the snowman-making champion? Jeff has already begun building a new snowman, one taller than the original, and has announced his plans to build a college campus, by himself, larger than the University of Colorado, once the weather warms up. Updates will be provided here exclusively at Today's Snowman.

The runner-up, The University of Colorado Snowman submitted by Chris of Colorado, collected 388 votes (29%). He issued the following statement; “The University of Colorado team thoroughly enjoyed the snowman contest despite still having some lingering suspicions. We had a fantastic time building our snowman (the old fashion way).* Our snowman brought a group a old friends together, we had a great time and made a great memory.”
* No cranes, teamsters or work permits.

The final results are as follow;
Third Place – Cardboard Snowman by Sandy, St. Louis, 25 votes
4th – Swiss Alps Snow Couple by Jean-Phillipe of Brussels, 14 votes
5th – Gauche Snowman by Cathy, Long Island, 8 votes
6th – Crime Scene Snowman by Lacey, 7 votes
7th – Pinecone Cutie by Jane, 5 votes
...and bringing up the rear in last place – Missing Stomach Snowman.

Thanks to the winner, runner-up and all contestants for the best snowman contest yet on Today's Snowman.

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