Friday, March 14, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part II

Today's feature is prolific poet Darryl Price from Columbus. I became friends with Darryl through the book (he sent me the above low-brow poster from a local band – no reflection of Darryl's work, mind you) and learned how talented he is. When I asked if Today's Snowman could promote anything of his, he replied, "I've got nothing to plug but my poems. I'm just a poet in the world trying to do my work...I hope it makes you smile and think."


Think I've always been here.
Sometimes I became green
rain.I'm. still. here. Doesn't
matter whose hands fashioned

me this time. I'm part of
those hands, too. I do not
feel alone in the night.
I've known a river of

stars spinning all around
me. My heart is beating
inside each snow. I have
been peed on by dogs and

birds, but I am happy
to have my place among
your trees, the houses, your
footprints. I always

say hello. You give me
reason to smile. Melting's
just our way of coming
and going. You're welcome.

Darryl Price 11/09/07

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