Monday, March 24, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part V

Mystery solved. Billy Russomano is the artist responsible for Snowmen in Diner. The self-taught Russomano's signature work is a white coffee cup against a brightly colored background. The Sunset Park-based can be found on Prince Street between Mercer and Broadway, or on West Broadway between Prince and Houston, selling his original artwork.

We conclude our art series by revisiting again (for the sake of those new here at Today's Snowman) the arty film short What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowmen. You need to hit the pause button and give it a minute to load before playing–wait for the red bar to go across.

At Funny or the following review was left;
"I hate snowpeople, and I’m glad someone else does (too). They shouldn’t be built in the first place—but if they are, destruction is the only answer."

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