Monday, March 10, 2008

Vote For Your Favorite Snowman – Here Are Your 8 Choices;

First up, American Snowman by Eric Krause and son from Clifton Park, N.Y. (it's the son in the picture). "...just shy of 9 feet. I used a 2x6 as a ramp to roll the body up and estimate the head to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds...I am not sure how to get the snowman in the contest, so if you could enter it that would be great." You're in!

From the other side of the world in so many ways comes number two, al Fresco Snowman by Wa Sapnin (as in 'What is happening?') photographed in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

Also from Wa Sapnin is snowman number three, The Very Rude Snowman. Wa is originally from London and could have entered many strong competitors from his snowman stockpile. Well done.

Number four is Casual Friday Snowman. This is Hal Stern, Vice President of systems engineering and more importantly, the publisher of The Morning Snowman and Snowman on Fire, in on a conference call with a coordinator in Philadelphia dressed as a gorilla and someone from accounting dressed in a chicken suit.

Number five is Soda Cap Nose by Evan and Quinn Nachtrieb from Hollywood. The eyes are made with tortilla chips (Tostitos Bite-size Gold, I believe, to be exact). The mouth is made from whatever you what it to be. Very cool photo.

Number six, comes to us from English artist Ray Lang, someone who is no stranger to this online magazine. He submits Vintage Snowman, a postcard from Belgium.

Snowmen in Diner is number seven from writer Kevin Dwyer (True Stories of Law & Order and Kiss & Tell) from a diner in Midtown NYC (West-side in the thirties. I am currently tracking down the artist but if anyone knows the artist please pass along the information.).

Number seven is Outsider Snowman made and photographed by fellow Pennsylvanian and multi-talented Marc Snyder, publisher of Fiji Island Mermaid Press (a really beautiful website). A marvelous demonstration of snowmen making. Marc and his snowman book project will be featured later. (Thanks for your plug at FIMP!)

Finally, the previously mentioned world record holder, Olympia Snow Woman submitted officially by Robin Tupper, created by the town of Bethel, Maine.

Welcome to a very strong showing and what will prove to be a hard fought contest. Good luck to all the contestants.

Remember, guns don't kill snowmen, global warming does.
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