Monday, August 9, 2010

Snowman Fix

© Susanna Coleman 2010

I received this fantastic letter from a reader of my book The History of the Snowman that I wanted to share. Thank you so much Susanna...

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I've loved snowmen since I was a kid, but as I live in Alabama, I've built a grand total of two-- both under four feet tall. (The first was in 1993 in the "blizzard" of 93 when I was 11... the second was this past February when I was 28. His photo is enclosed.) Since I can't build real ones often, I resort to making snowman crafts... snowman jewelry, thread spool snowmen, Coke bottle snowmen, plush snowmen, button snowmen, etc., etc. (Kitsch, yes, but I have to get my fix somehow.)

Anyhow, I especially enjoyed the images, both your cartoons and the advertising items, plus the accounts of historical snowmen. I teach college English composition, and I'm trying to come up with an excuse for making the book required reading for my classes :) My students could definitely learn from it about how to make their essays interesting!

Thank you for such an amazing (and amusing) book! -Susanna"

Martha Gradisher on Today's Snowman

One of my favorite cartoonists sent me this snowman illustration. We met at The New Yorker cartoonist lunches in New York City and became friends. Martha's work runs the whole gamut from cutting edge to this delightful holiday painting she made for her grand-daughter.

Right now her cartoons can be enjoyed at The Corner Frame Shop at 40 South Franklin St. in Nyack, NY.

Return of the Snowman

Today's Snowman has been on, what the kids like to say, a radical sabbatical but we have returned from Maine, where snowmen are on everyone's mind. I was up in Bethel, Maine, home of the world's largest snowman scouting for the continuing snowman movie project, which is still progressing very nicely. Details soon!

Meanwhile, in Ogunquit, I had the great opportunity to visit the coolest store in Maine, The Herringbones Design Shop. I say this not because they sell signed copies of The History of the Snowman but because the store has the same sensibilities I enjoy (if you're familiar with my sister site, Smartass Ideas For the Home, you know what I mean....).

Owned by Judith Lee, the shop has unusual decorative items, art and books by Maine artists as well as shirts, furniture, collectibles and much more (check out the amazing decorative film reels behind the cashier). Herringbones is located at 309 Shore Road, a short walk from the very center of Ogunquit.

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