Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Candidate For Election 2008; Snowman Throws His Hat In Ring

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The snowman has officially announced his candidacy for President, not wanting to be left out of the cold from everyone else vying for a spot in the White House. Representing the Green Party, the snowman's official stance on any of the issues is still unclear except for fact he doesn't want to melt and has discussed a moratorium on Spring.

In Other Notes; I wanted to thank Teresa and Christian Kurmann, whose excellent footage of a burning snowman in Zurich, Switzerland was used in my video What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowman? Their whole video can be enjoyed here and visit Teresa at her MySpace.

Meanwhile, speaking of of the election, check out my illustrator friend, the immensely talented John Kascht, who is doing an ongoing feature about the election on Washington Post.com.

Finally, for more great art please check-out Ray Lang, an England-based painter, who has been a great friend to snowmen art and is featured in The History of the Snowman.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Sir Edmund Hillary, Discoverer of the Abominable Snowman

FAIRFAX, AUSTRALIA – the funeral for Sir Edmund Hillary took place in an Auckland cathedral, the man who first found the Abominable Snowman in 1953 in Tibet.

One can read about this snowman's place in the snowman's history in two small portions in my book The History of the Snowman. For the time being here's a movie poster about the world's most feared snowman.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snowman Contest Heating Up

Our leaders so far in the contest and a good-looking group they are. The creators of 5. Swiss Alps Snowman, from the left to the right we have little Ana, film director Jean-Philippe Laroche, Mr. Snowman, infant Lune & Isabelle. The back story to this entry is the picture was taken on the Hotel Plein Ciel rooftop terrace. Plein Ciel is in Planachaux at 1800 m. (5,901 ft.), over the village of Champéry in Switzerland. The mountains at the back are "Les dents du Midi" at 3257 m. (10,685 ft.). You may have recognized them from the Sound of Music.

Now's your chance, other entries, to explain your back-story (and you know who I mean) to your respective, wonderful snowmen before the voting closes and the Swiss Alps Snowman runs away with it all. There's plenty of time (and yes, yes, I know, there are many more entries out there. Don't worry, yours are coming. The contest was scaled down this month due to my 108˚ fever the past two weeks!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meet Schenectnady, New York!

SCHENECTNADY, NEW YORK – Many of you are familiar with the tragic event called The Massacre of 1690 (from Chapter Twelve in The History of the Snowman). More, much more, can be learned about this part of American history this year at The Schenectady Colonial Festival 2008 which is featuring an event called If the Stockade Walls Could Talk – 318 Years Later, Friday, February 8, 2008, 7:30 PM at the First Reformed Church of Schenectady, the church in the Stockade in 1690. Included will be stories, poetry, music and readings about what took place 318 years ago. I, unfortunately, had to decline participating in this interesting event (due to my current bout of pneumonia.)

For more information contact; First Reformed Church of Schenectady (518-377-2001) or Schenectady Heritage Area City Hall (518-382-5147, mgebert09@yahoo.com) or visit here.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snowman Contest; Round One

Finally readers of Today's Snowman can see the first contestants for this month's snowman contest, and a strong showing it is. Due to volume they will be paraded out in groups. A second group will appear in another week. To vote, simply choose your favorite snowman on the right.

(Apologies to all entries and readers who have been patiently waiting - I've been in San Diego Bay aboard the Star of India, the world's oldest sailing ship sketching for a graphic novel called The Sea Below Us – my upcoming comedy on the perils of Arctic exploration.)

1. Saint Lucia SnowGirl built by Nancy & Kevin Lindquist. Photo by Kevin L. Lindquist.

2. Snow Animal with Char, the world-famous psychic/medium.

3. Snowman Seeks Skibunny photographed in Lower East Side by NYC graphic designer Jay Sylvester.

4. Hollywood Hills photographed by TV producer Ed Nachtrieb.

5. Swiss Alps Snowman built and photographed by renown film director Jean Philippe Laroche at his hotel, Plein Ciel in Switzerland (where blowing up snowmen is a holiday!).

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Official Opening of Today's Snowman's Snowman Contest!!!

The game's afoot! Starting today Today's Snowman will begin a snowman contest which you, the readers, will enter and vote on. Submissions can be emailed here and will be posted for competition. Monthly winners will receive a prize (a History of the Snowman mini-poster and signed copy of the book plus a profile on this blog).

Snowmen may include those you made yourself or simply one you see somewhere. Pictures can be either shot with a digital or conventional camera or cell phone. Any medium is eligible (hand-made drawings and paintings are welcome). Rules: no snowman porn, no steroids, no gambling and no ice-balls. Persons related to Burl Ives are not eligible. Please do not send any images larger than 1 MB. Winners will be notified one week after voting closes. Good luck!

The snowman voting continues, if you want it to, at Funny or Die.com where comedians submit movie shorts and videos are rated by viewers and entries are either climb the charts or get eliminated. Check out it – you'll found alot of familiar faces there like Will Ferrell, Jeannie Tate and Zach whats-his-face from Scrubs. Start by going to my new YouTube video, What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowmen? and voting – it's been doing very well reaching the highest level ("Walking Tall"). Thanks for your support!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowmen?

Happy New Year's! readers of Today's Snowman from all around the world (aside from points all across North America (including Mexico) and Europe, the leading online snowman magazine now has regular visitors from all corners of the globe including New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Georgia (Russia), Hawaii, Argentina, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Republic of Moldova (yes, Moldova), Puerto Rico and Istanbul!)

2008 IS the year of the snowman and opens with a bang...with this brand new, high-end produced YouTube thingie with something for everyone, but it's mostly geared for those who enjoy exploding snowmen.

This was a last minute submission to the N.H.S. (National Historical Society) for it's important ongoing study on YouTube's research potential and the role YouTube may or may not play educationally. This was Today's Snowman's findings on the issue – expect this 3 minute short to turn some heads at this year's conference.

(Yes, yes, it's only a couple of days for the official opening of a World-wide Snowman Contest and your entries will be published soon)

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