Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowmen?

Happy New Year's! readers of Today's Snowman from all around the world (aside from points all across North America (including Mexico) and Europe, the leading online snowman magazine now has regular visitors from all corners of the globe including New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Georgia (Russia), Hawaii, Argentina, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Republic of Moldova (yes, Moldova), Puerto Rico and Istanbul!)

2008 IS the year of the snowman and opens with a bang...with this brand new, high-end produced YouTube thingie with something for everyone, but it's mostly geared for those who enjoy exploding snowmen.

This was a last minute submission to the N.H.S. (National Historical Society) for it's important ongoing study on YouTube's research potential and the role YouTube may or may not play educationally. This was Today's Snowman's findings on the issue – expect this 3 minute short to turn some heads at this year's conference.

(Yes, yes, it's only a couple of days for the official opening of a World-wide Snowman Contest and your entries will be published soon)

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