Friday, January 4, 2008

The Official Opening of Today's Snowman's Snowman Contest!!!

The game's afoot! Starting today Today's Snowman will begin a snowman contest which you, the readers, will enter and vote on. Submissions can be emailed here and will be posted for competition. Monthly winners will receive a prize (a History of the Snowman mini-poster and signed copy of the book plus a profile on this blog).

Snowmen may include those you made yourself or simply one you see somewhere. Pictures can be either shot with a digital or conventional camera or cell phone. Any medium is eligible (hand-made drawings and paintings are welcome). Rules: no snowman porn, no steroids, no gambling and no ice-balls. Persons related to Burl Ives are not eligible. Please do not send any images larger than 1 MB. Winners will be notified one week after voting closes. Good luck!

The snowman voting continues, if you want it to, at Funny or where comedians submit movie shorts and videos are rated by viewers and entries are either climb the charts or get eliminated. Check out it – you'll found alot of familiar faces there like Will Ferrell, Jeannie Tate and Zach whats-his-face from Scrubs. Start by going to my new YouTube video, What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Exploding Snowmen? and voting – it's been doing very well reaching the highest level ("Walking Tall"). Thanks for your support!!!

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