Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snowman Contest; Round One

Finally readers of Today's Snowman can see the first contestants for this month's snowman contest, and a strong showing it is. Due to volume they will be paraded out in groups. A second group will appear in another week. To vote, simply choose your favorite snowman on the right.

(Apologies to all entries and readers who have been patiently waiting - I've been in San Diego Bay aboard the Star of India, the world's oldest sailing ship sketching for a graphic novel called The Sea Below Us – my upcoming comedy on the perils of Arctic exploration.)

1. Saint Lucia SnowGirl built by Nancy & Kevin Lindquist. Photo by Kevin L. Lindquist.

2. Snow Animal with Char, the world-famous psychic/medium.

3. Snowman Seeks Skibunny photographed in Lower East Side by NYC graphic designer Jay Sylvester.

4. Hollywood Hills photographed by TV producer Ed Nachtrieb.

5. Swiss Alps Snowman built and photographed by renown film director Jean Philippe Laroche at his hotel, Plein Ciel in Switzerland (where blowing up snowmen is a holiday!).

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