Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Winner of the February Snowman Contest is The Great Snowman of Rotterdam

Congratulations to Gail of Albany who submitted the winning entry and Jeff of Rotterdam, the creator of the snow sculpture, who wound up with 66% of the votes (874). Gail and Jeff's acceptance speech; "We want to thank everyone including the Schenectady Gazette for helping us clinch the contest. It may have only taken a single person to build the snowman, but it took the whole community to win. Our hats go off to the team of alumni from Colorado University. Our goal next year is to go for the tallest snowman/snow-woman in the world – watch out Bethel, Maine! (More on Bethel Friday) Thanks again for allowing us to be a part! Can't wait to see the next entries."

What's next for the snowman-making champion? Jeff has already begun building a new snowman, one taller than the original, and has announced his plans to build a college campus, by himself, larger than the University of Colorado, once the weather warms up. Updates will be provided here exclusively at Today's Snowman.

The runner-up, The University of Colorado Snowman submitted by Chris of Colorado, collected 388 votes (29%). He issued the following statement; “The University of Colorado team thoroughly enjoyed the snowman contest despite still having some lingering suspicions. We had a fantastic time building our snowman (the old fashion way).* Our snowman brought a group a old friends together, we had a great time and made a great memory.”
* No cranes, teamsters or work permits.

The final results are as follow;
Third Place – Cardboard Snowman by Sandy, St. Louis, 25 votes
4th – Swiss Alps Snow Couple by Jean-Phillipe of Brussels, 14 votes
5th – Gauche Snowman by Cathy, Long Island, 8 votes
6th – Crime Scene Snowman by Lacey, 7 votes
7th – Pinecone Cutie by Jane, 5 votes
...and bringing up the rear in last place – Missing Stomach Snowman.

Thanks to the winner, runner-up and all contestants for the best snowman contest yet on Today's Snowman.

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