Sunday, March 16, 2008

High-Brow Snowman; The Series Part III

From Marc Snyder's Time Waits For Snow Man copyright 2008 ©

Book artist Marc Snyder not only created my personal favorite snowman in this month's contest (Outsider Snowman) but my favorite snowman artist book Time Waits For Snow Man, published by his Fiji Island Mermaid Press. This was the book version, with special bonus art historical comparisons to The Brief,
Tedious, and Unfulfilling Life of Mr. Snowman.

Marc talking about his snowman in this month's contest; "Wouldn't you know it, my one chance at snowman fame, and I'm up against a world record-holder. It's like being in the "American Idol" tryouts, and going after, I dunno, Bono or someone...

"I'm glad you came out early against snowman kits. As you might have guessed from the books, snowman kits and related phenomenon like jack-o-lantern stencils and sandcastle forms are something I find pretty awful. Seriously, if my two-year old thought there was a right way to make a snowman or carve a pumpkin, I'd feel like a pretty poor parent."

From Marc Snyder's Time Waits For Snow Man copyright 2008 ©

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