Friday, December 21, 2007

In the Meadow We Will Make a Snowman...

Today's Snowman might have given the wrong impression that the snowman is only a hot item with contemporary artists in England but we've received a couple of beautiful pieces of art straight from Chelsea from readers (although, unfortunately, they came without proper credit – if anyone can please forward that info so I can give credit were credit is due, I'd appreciate it).

Special thanks to Christine, owner of a very cool bookstore, WORD of Greenpoint, Brooklyn where a good time was had by all last Tuesday night. I've been getting requests for signed copies and I know many have told me their local store is currently out of The History of the Snowman, but WORD has signed copies in stock, will ship orders if need be (call 718-383-0096 or and if you buy a copy from them I will personally send you a free copy of The History of the Snowman poster, a fine addition to anyone's den or library. Just give Christine your snail mail address at time of your purchase.

One more snowman masterpiece for the road...

...and the feature on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood was bumped to Dec. 30th.

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