Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snowman Legal

Nothing can prepare you for a fascinating, ingenious product called Method and apparatus for facilitating the construction of a snow man/woman. I warn all readers of Today's Snowman that it is literally impossible to get through the excruciatingly dull and endless explanation but I provide you with a couple of excerpts (the above drawing is NOT related to the patent to protect the originator) for the first ever patent for making a snowman.

If your like me, you enjoy building snow men . . . big. The bigger the better...It is said that the most ingenious ideas are the most simple in design. The Wheel. The Toaster oven. And, yes, now the ultimate Snow Man. Of course, in hindsight the wheel is not so inventive, but at the time it was an earth-shattering innovation. I do not pretend that the ultimate Snow Man will be as revolutionary to the advancement of mankind, but I do contend that as far as I know no one has ever conceived and reduced to practice such an apparatus. I do contend, however, that my innovation is a heck more fun, err than a plain old wheel, and will inspire tons of enjoyment and play for hopefully a long time...The fundamental building "block", or component, of the invention is the creation, for the first time, of a snow sphere that is much lighter in weight than a snow ball or boulder of the same size made out of snow. The snow sphere is made of a material that is rigid enough to support a layer of snow, yet made of a material or construction that causes the snow sphere to be much lighter in weight than a snow boulder of similar size... If you actually want to read more, US Patent 7264531.

(For all you freelancers out there, there is a current bill which will change the rights artists have on their work. For more details and how you can help please visit Freelancer's Lament.)

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