Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowmen Abroad

From China and a website called China Smack are unusual snow sculptures (warning; contains adult content).

Today's Snowman is in London now making snowmen and conducting snowmen business. In other news I was just interviewed by Nrc Next, Holland's most respected newspaper, as the world's snowman expert.

The book, The History of the Snowman was included in Newsweek and mentioned on Good Morning America Christmas day. Plus, there's a story today in TimeOut Kids NY.

The Museum of Modern Art has just informed us they found the lost 1908 silent movie The Snowman. We will be screening it soon and hope to include it in The History of the Snowman movie.

For those of you who wanted to participate in Today's Snowman Snowman Contest please submit your submissions to and they will be included in February! Thank you.

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