Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unseasonally warm... but the snowmen are coming!

The weather may be warm... but we just received
our first snowman [droppings] in the mail...

These are really quite special and we can't say
THANKS enough to David and David of the fabulous
Outsider Tart Bakery
in London who sent them to us.
These guys also have a great new baking book out
"Baked in America" that you can find at Amazon
(just in time for the holidays!)

Who knew these little pieces could make our dreams sweeter!

We recently were sent this link to the South Whidbey Record in
Washington state, which was talking about a snowman show:
Frostys of all shapes, sizes. materials seen in the collection of Johanna Marquis on display at the Freeland Library.  
photo: Patricia Duff / South Whidbey Record

Imagine our dismay to learn that this show was from December
2008. It was created from the collection of artist/collector Johanna Marquis
who says:
“I began the collection about 20 years ago...I’ve always been
intrigued by the innocence and fun of making snowmen and snow queens
while growing up in the mighty woods of winter in northern Wisconsin.”

It was nice to see that the snowman expert was quoted for the
article - Eckstein chose the subject, he said, because the snowman
holds one of life’s mysteries — stories that reveal a dark rich history.

The making of snowmen is a form of folk art that has been carried on
since the time of the caveman, he writes, as it is man’s instinct to want
to do two main things: to depict themselves in art and to do what man
has always done, stack one thing on top of the other.

Snowmen, Eckstein said, have always been a reflection of the period and
the issues of the day; a sort of benchmark for the times.

It’s not surprising then that an artist would find Frosty so fascinating. 

If you have any snowman sightings - please send them our way -
we'd love to
be able to post them on the Today's Snowman blog.

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