Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowman Contests are Heating Up!

According to news sources from around the web, snowman contests have begun and are continuing to build around the country.

The website Blender Cookie already has published it's top web snowman
makers for Season 2, take a look at the link - they are great!

Community Vote Winner from Blender Cookie.

For the more traditional - made with snow - type of builders here are
some contests you can participate in (click on the links for more details)
The Teen Advisory Board of Cranford, NJ has put together a snowman contest open to all participants from January - March 2012. To enter the contest,
families or individuals are asked to take photo of themselves giving a thumbs up
with the snowman they created and e-mail it to

Once again in Minnesota, the cities of Zeeland, Douglas, St. Clair, and Saline
will compete in the Snowman Making Competition of the Free World
on January 27—28, 2012.

Geneva, Ohio has a contest as part of their 2012 Winterfest.
Winners are to be announced on February 4, 2012.

There is a Snowman Building Challenge on February 12th, in Downtown Buffalo.

...and finally, this blogger is creating her own "Great American Snowman Contest"
complete with a snowman school! We can't wait to see those photos! 
Photo by Mr. Heap, Class 6H from the Spectrum Woman Blog

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