Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter is officially here - roll in the Giant Snowmen!

London, Ontario is the home of the latest giant snowmen. 

Bob Mann and his the 20 foot high snowman he built in the front yard of his London, Ontario home on Tuesday, January 1, 2013.  The snowman is now the talk of the town and has become a star on Facebook.


Bob Mann started building his snowman last Friday with the help of his wife Antonella, daughter Tamara, 8, his nephew Michael Gervais and his friend Brenden Lee. He said about the construction:

'It took quite a bit of engineering to get it right. I kind of 'cheated' by building boxes for each layer and filling them with snow.

'The actual snow came from everywhere - my garden, the neighbours' garden and a bank across the street.

'I hoisted the snow up with the help of ladders and scaffolding. The square blocks were then carved out and smoothed to create the round snowman shape.'

The team worked until Sunday night when the snowman's top hat was lowered into place.

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