Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowmen Sightings are Growing!

Giant snowmen have been slowly showing up around the country.

Photo by

Meet "Wally" the giant snowman, created by the Dickson family in Kaysville, Utah. 
The Dickson family built "Wally" in in their yard this year, measuring in at 12-feet tall and about 21-feet around.

It's a family tradition their father started with his brother years ago. The tallest snowman they've built so far measured in at 15-feet tall. And the family tries to outdo themselves each year.

They use various items for the buttons, face and hat each year. This year, they spray-painted the hat and buttons, gave Wally a scarf and used wrapping paper for his smile, a vacuum extension for his nose and two cans for his eyes. His arms are made with two slabs of wood. 

You can read more about the Dickson's and their family snowman building, and see a video at The

The town of New Boston, New Hampshire is celebrating it's 250th birthday, and are are creating a "Snowman Alley," beginning with this guy below at Dodge Farms.

This large snowman is made of round bales of hay at Dodge Farms in New Boston
Photo: Nancy Bean Foster/Union Leader Correspondent

Claire Dodge says, "Everything's a family effort for us, we make stuff for the snowman out of whatever we have handy."
An old wooden wheel is the snowman's hat, a traffic cone serves as his nose, and he has branches for arms.

"And I crocheted the red scarf around his neck," said Dodge. "We figure he gives people a reason to smile on their way to and from work."

Nearby the town of Laconia is planning on having a snowman building contest that runs from Jan 1st through March. If you are in the area - go and check it out!

You can read more about Snowman Alley and the Laconia snowman contest at the website

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