Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Giant Snowman Sighting in Canada!

A 19 1/2 Foot snowman is standing tall in Fort Nelson,
British Columbia.

photo by Lukas Mertelik

Lukas Mertelik spent three weekends in minus 30 degree weather constructing this snowman for his two children, aged five and three. It even has a top hat and carrot nose. "They love it, they crawl all over him," Mertelik told Chris Walker on the CBC Radio program Daybreak South.

Mertelik used steel rods and plywood to sculpt the pile higher after the snow hardened on the base.

He said it all started when he was shoveling snow and realized if he allowed the snow to harden in the cold weather, he could create a really unique snowman.

You can read - and listen to more of this story at the CBC News site.
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