Saturday, June 21, 2008

Snowman Supports Obama

Young Jeezy, Usher and Kanye West at a recent birthday party. Photo by Moses Robinson

ATLANTA – Young Jeezy aka The Snowman has annouced at Hot 107.9's annual monster concert in Atlanta his official endorsement to Barack Obama for the 2008 election. Young Jeezy has a new album coming out in July called appropriately, The Recession and includes a song called My President's Black, which is most likely referring to Obama. Today's Snowman is keeping it real and has sent the Snowman a signed copy of The History of the Snowman; From the Ice Age to Gangsta Rap. (Editor's Note; Really.)

In snowman book news, we at TS just got an air-mailed note from the Python great Michael Palin who found it "very entertaining" and said he really enjoyed reading the book to his grandson. He said he is currently editing volume two of his diaries for release next year. Volume One is really great and a must read for any fan.

The History of the Snowman; From the Ice Age to the Flea Market is officially going to reprint. For reasons hard to comprehend, the book has been still selling even though as Matthew Broderick once said, "it's like Brooklyn hot outside." Thank you so much to all who continue to support the book.

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