Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Snowmen Spotted in Brimfield

Snowman sheet music for the piano from 1944 ($10)

NEW YORK CITY – So just returned from a week at Brimfield and even though when asked what I was looking for during my guest spot on WCAP, I replied, "a clean bathroom," I was and am on my continual lifelong search for all things snowman. In Brimfield I met my friend Gary Sohmers of the Antiques Roadshow who gave me two snowmen gifts, one a fluffy snowman puppet sure to provide me endless hours of amusement in the future. For details of this week please click here.

Snowman stocking holder. The guy wanted $15 and went down to $5. He said it was one of a kind but was ready to let it go. When I returned the next day there was an identical one in the same place.

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