Thursday, December 20, 2012

Charles Dickens & A Really Short History of the Snowman

Nice surprise to see The HIstory of the Snowman and "Dickens" in the same sentence when it comes to holiday reading!

Recently the Harrisburg Magazine published an article about "The Really Short History of the Snowman" which gives a shout out to our favorite snowman expert!
Harrisburg Magazine

The author of the article, Bob Carey, says it best:

Plowing through cultural and pictorial references to the snowman through the ages, he [author, Bob Eckstein] manages to bring readers a remarkably intelligent and readable summary of the arc of the snowman genealogy and ethnic background.

Reading the well organized and edited work is more akin to reading Dickens Christmas Carol for its edifying narrative and uplifting vignettes.

And who doesn't love uplifting vignettes for the holiday season (and for the upcoming colder and snowier months!)

If you haven't read the book, you can always find a copy here on amazon! 

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