Monday, February 4, 2013

More Giant Snowmen...

Route 2, Danville, Vermont...this snowman is so big, it is bringing traffic to a stop.


As reported by the website, the 15-foot tall Frosty was built Sunday afternoon by five friends who say they were just bored. It took the group three hours to build the enormous snowman.

"We definitely thought people would stop, but definitely a lot more stopping than we thought would," said James Beattie, who helped build the gigantic snowman.
"We took a bunch of round bales for the cows, I think there is seven of them, then we just pushed snow with the tractor," Beattie said.

The arms are made from twigs, but the face has a creative twist to it -
"It's a box we used to hold grinding wheels, just something we had down at the farm," Beattie explained and "The eyes are beef jerky cans and the mouth are Brillo pads."

WOW is what we say here at Today's Snowman! What a great way to upcycle/recycle things you find on the farm to create this great piece of folk art.

Check out the video of this snowman at he site. 

In other large snowman news... meet the tallest snowman in Horncastle, UK.

He is currently on display in Thornton Crescent neighborhood.

  photo from

7ft snowman built by Laura Daly with the help of daughter Jacey Tomlinson and her friend Callum Woodside

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