Sunday, March 3, 2013

Found! the Salt Lake Stolen Snowman....

Police recover a snowman stolen outside Harmons Grocery Store in South Jordan, Utah. He was mostly fully recovered...

Police have recovered a giant foam snowman after someone kidnapped it from its
display in a staged crime scene, making it a real one.

 Photo by South Jordan Police Officer Samuel Winkler

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, South Jordan police had been
displaying four synthetic snowmen, on loan from the Utah Highway Patrol,
outside a Harmon's at 11453 S. Parkway Plaza Drive to raise awareness about
drunk driving.

The display consisted of four snowmen — one of them dismembered and
three others crying for help — to draw attention to the dangers of drunken driving.

But one of the snowmen disappeared... It then turned up a few evenings
later in a movie theater parking lot about a block away, missing its
nose and right arm. 

There was a note taped to its surviving limb that apologized for spending
the weekend with Jack Frost, signed Steve the Snowman.

Police don’t know who took him and how.
South Jordan Police Officer Samuel Winkler said, "
It’s a surprise because of how large and massive it is...

He suspects the thief must have had help — because
"... the missing snowman is 8 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds."   
The foam-and-paint snowman had no monetary value, although the estimated
cost to create it was about $300.

Winkler helped set up the display and made routine checks on the
frosty fellows. He was the one who noticed one was gone.
The dying snowman and two of his panicked friends were still in the
parking lot, but the one with the red scarf, its face forever frozen
in a silent scream, was gone.

Stacie Stevens was driving south on Bangeter Highway Tuesday when she
saw the damaged snowman in the parking lot of the Megaplex movie theaters,
a short walk from where it was stolen. 

"I thought, that’s an odd place for a snowman."

She then recognized it from a Facebook post on KUTV’s page about the theft
and called police.

Another snowman was helped by a concerned citizen and social networking.
More of the story can be found at the Salt Lake Tribune site.

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