Monday, March 11, 2013

Snowman Raises 500 lbs of Food for Local Food Pantry

Greetings from Champion NY, where a very large snowman helped collect a very large amount of food for the local food pantry.

Vernon A. Scoville hosted the local snowman attraction on his front lawn. 

Family and friends have built the snowman in the past, but this was the
first time the Scoville family turned the attraction into a community
service project.

John Minnich, Carthage, stops on the side of Route 126 in the town of Champion
to take a photo of the B.A. Snowman in front of Vernon A. Scoville’s farm.

A sign asked visitors to leave nonperishable food donations in the bottom tire a
of the snowman’s “buttons.”

Vernon's daughter suggested, ‘Let’s put (our goal) up to 500 (pounds) on top,’

He said everyone involved in the project was shocked by how many people
stopped to make donations. Mr. Scoville said that after only three weeks,
the family was able to meet the goal of 500 pounds of food.

The donations were delivered to the Community Action Planning Council
of Jefferson County’s food pantry in Watertown and to the Lowville Food
Pantry at 7646 Forrest Ave., Lowville.

Vernon and his family intend to hold the food collection next year, with
the hope of an even larger turnout.

“Next year, everybody will know ahead of time,” Mr. Scoville said. 

“We just want to thank the people for their donations, thank the
people that made the snowman.”

More information about this story can be found at the Watertown Daily Times

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