Sunday, March 1, 2015

More Giant Snowmen....

A 16-foot Rhode-Island snowman is smiling in Providence thanks to the work of Rodrigo Betancur.

photo by Bernice Betancur

Rodrigo's daughters are fans of the movie Frozen, so when the snow came down a few weeks ago, what a great way to create something for everyone to enjoy.

Bentacur started creating towering snowmen six years ago when he made an 11-foot-tall snowman, his wife Bernice added. He tries to make a taller one each year, she said.  

photo by Bernice Betancur

He started with a plywood frame as the snowman's base, packed it with snow, then repeated for the upper levels.  The snowman's top hat reaches the second floor of their house.

You can see more about this story at ABC

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