Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Snowman Invasion in NYC?

Well the big storm was never quite as big as expected... but Swiss artist Peter Regli’s display of marble "snow monsters" near Madison Square Park, would have you believing that there was plenty of the white stuff around. 
These snowmen are the latest installment in his Reality Hacking series (which contains some other really great snowman - themed artworks).

Peter Regli, “Snow Monsters” (2015) Photo by Vic Vaiana for Hyperallergic

The piece, titled “Snow Monsters,”  consists of a group of 12 drooping, semi-melted snowmen with slightly manic expressions, encouraging its audience to turn the inconvenience of snowfall into a spectacle. 

In the artist’s words, “I chose the snowman because of its Buddha-like nature. They appear briefly in the world, bring joy and evoke memories of childhood, then disappear again, melting away without complaint.”