Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You Guys Still Around?

Cartoon by Bob Eckstein 2010 ©

Photo by Martin Dege 2010 ©

KASSEL, GERMANY–In another German town, built with polluted snow from the street a few days ago by Martin Dege, is this black snowman (the creator is very keen on calling it a black snowman). This marvelous thought-provoking artist makes "instant art."

OXFORD, ENGLAND–It doesn't snow much in Oxford but luckily it did while I was there and the townsfolk made the most of it. Here's just a sampling of the snowman population decorating the countryside. All photos from Oxford Mail.

Photo by Thomas Nowell 2010 ©

FRONT ROYAL, VIRGINIA–Thanks to Thomas, a reader here for this great snow wolf.

Finally, this new acquisition to my collection, which is now a little over 800 items. I'm brainstorming how to film my collection for an upcoming snowman movie (it stars NPR's/CBS's Mo Rocca). I'm thinking of setting it up in the spring at Brimfield Flea Market, one of the world's largest and having Gary Sohmers, the Antique Roadshow guy in the Hawaiian shirt discuss the collection with nutty snowman collectors. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions–I'm working on that part of the script right now (before you criticize that selection let me share that I'm old friends with Gary).

Anyhoo, here's the latest photo. I don't have the name of either in the photo.

Photo owned by Bob Eckstein/Picturetown, Inc. 2010 ©

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