Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18th - Worldday of Snowman!

Welcome to the Worldday of Snowman - Day!
...thanks to collector Cornelius Graetz from Germany
who had the idea for the
Worldday of Snowman.

Cornelius Graetz and a friend

For more than 25 years Cornelius Graetz has been collecting every
item on the subject "Snowman". Today his collection exceeds
3,000 pieces, with a large variety of snowmen from all over the world.
Once more in 2008 Guinness World Record confirmed his world record
for the worldwide largest snowman collection.

Cornelius says: "I had the idea for the Worldday of Snowman,
as the snowman is known for his congenial personality all over the world.
This positive image I would like to use for social and fun activities around
this day. The snowman overcomes political and religious borders.
He is loved by older generations as well as by youth.
No other figure is liked worldwide that much..."

You can also see more snowman information at
Cornelius's website: www.snowmen-collection.com as well as at the
Worldday of Snowman website

And of course, you can become a Worldday Fan on their Facebook page.
(which has some fun snowman photos!)

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