Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome to Today's Snowman 2009!

New York City, 1913

I want to welcome everyone (back) here. Today's Snowman has been on sabbatical in 2009 during the production of The History of the Snowman TV movie and it's great to be back. The project is ongoing (& going great) and hopefully will air at the end of 2010. A new star just came on board (right now we won't spill the beans as to who it is but will share it's a beloved comedian from TV and radio.).

One last note regarding The History of the Snowman; I'm very excited and flattered to receive requests for signed copies of the book but unfortunately I've had to stop doing individual orders (I'm handling only orders of 10 or more. Orders over 25 copies get a large discount from my publisher–just contact me at There are signed copies available at Honesdale (Country Dawn store) and Hawley (Settlers Inn), Pennsylvania and New York City (Barnes & Noble, Union Square) and Brooklyn's Barnes & Noble in Park Slope.

In the next couple of months Today's Snowman will be posting not only the latest snowman news but some fantastic photos of snowmen from around the world leading into the first snowman contest in January 2010. Thanks to all who have been sending me their snowmen–they will be enjoyed by all soon.

Finally, a big welcome to the new sponsors here. First there's Northern Ireland Car Insurance. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Painting by Today's Snowman's favorite painter Ray Lang

For giving anything edible for the holidays, I want to introduce to terrific people at Christmas Hampers, who delivery and make up beautiful gift baskets for any occasion.

Need a Santa suit? NOW??!!! You need Santa Claus Costumes! Everything from angel get-ups to elf suits to sexy wear. They also have an amazing selection for children. Check them out!

Also welcome back all the usual advertisers incliuding, The Nap Shop because naps happen and Chicken 'n'Bricks "for all your poultry and mortar needs!"

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