Friday, March 25, 2011

The Snowman International Airport is Open!

Greetings from the Snowman International Airport...
in Norway!

[Photo: NRK]:

Bardufoss Airport sits pretty close to the top of Norway, so it really doesn’t
get that much airplane action throughout the year. That’s why the folks in
the marketing department decided to rebrand the airport and rename it the
"Snowman International Airport."

The airport officials are hoping that this can get their little airport on the map.
Technically, it’s still going to be called Bardufoss Airport— BDU for those
collecting airport codes—but for all other purposes this is the airport where
snowmen (and snow-women) catch their flights for all those business trips.

A charter flight from the UK landed over the weekend to check it out,
but as of now, there’s no transatlantic service planned to and from the airport.

Unfortunately, not all are pleased with the name change; some locals are
taking the stance that the idea is tasteless and ridiculous. It seems that this
re-naming has nothing to do history and culture of the region...but hey - in the
world of snowmen...we'd love to get a t-shirt from the airport gift shop!

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