Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hurry! Last Day to Vote

Marc Snyder © copyright 2008 (created with ice cubes made with colored water)

Quick reminder – last chance to vote on March's Today's Snowman Snowman Contest.

Here's an excerpt of the Snowman Index from The History of the Snowman;

Usage rank of snowman out of words spoken or written : 44,427
Length, in minutes, of the 1896 silent movie Snow Men : 3
Years it appeared after the invention of the first silent movie : 1
Number of silent movies made about snowmen : 4
Number of them that survives today : 0
Number of those snowmen that survives today : 0
# of snowmen in Shiramine Village, Japan during snowman week, 1993 : 2,000
Number of those snowmen that survives today : 0
Number of people who were living in Shiramine Village : 1,200
Number of Americans, per 100 million, with the surname Snowman : 130
Number of those who live in Alaska : 0
Those who live in Florida : 21
Number of pieces of art on record at The Hague’s Royal Library : 8,000,000
Number of those defined as “winterscapes” : 15,000
Number of snowmen found within that collection : 2
Estimated number of searches made per day on internet for snowman : 1,400

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