Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BREAKING NEWS; Obama Chooses YouTube Snowman As Running Mate!

SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA – The snowman's time has evidently come! Democrat Party presidential candidate Barack Obama has shocked millions by just announcing the You Tube Snowman as his running mate. The immediate reaction among the media and political experts is as expected. Only an outragious move like this could have derailed Obama's clear path to the White House. But just a couple of hours old, the news has already become fodder for late night comedy.

Political satirist Jon Stewart quipped during his taping, "In what has to be the smuggest move in election history, Obama picks, what is essentially, an animate object as his running mate. Am I reading this right?!? This is trash talking on the highest order."

The New York Daily is running with the headline tomorrow morning Black Guy Picks White Man.

Reached for comment a stunned Oprah Winfrey released this statement; "I'd be lying if I didn't say I thought Barack would be asking me. There's your dream team."

Now the question is how will the nation take this news... and who actually is the You Tube Snowman.

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