Monday, December 6, 2010

An Irish Snowstorm, Radio Interview & Instant Snowman in a Can

It seems that while the weather is sunny at the home of the Snowman Expert...
there was a storm blowing in (and creating chaos according to the news headlines) Ireland!
And as we all know, where there is "snowy chaos" there are bound to be a few good snowmen being made...and they were!

The radio station at RTE News called us to do an interview on the
Mooney [Arts & Culture radio] Show about snowmen and their history.

As you can see the storm inspired many folks to go out and create some snowy folk art.
For even more photos see the photo gallery page at the RTE News website.

[Limbo Snowman © 2010 Francis Scriven, Ardee, RTE News]

And for those of us back home who don't have there real stuff to work with...
there is always the back-up plan
[photo by Tamar Stone © 2010]

That's right...snow-in-a-can! Recently while strolling the aisles at the local large
home store, we came across this "Just add water...INSTANT SNOW" cans.

Each can will make 3 cans of synthetic snow and comes with "snowman buttons" and
a piece of ribbon for a scarf!
What a perfect holiday gift for all the cubicle workers in
your life who may not have the time to go outside to shop for their own can of snow -

just think about it - who wouldn't enjoy an indoor office snowball fight, or
maybe just a friendly inter-office snowman competition!

Of course, for those folks who don't have the chance to play in the real snowy stuff
due to the warmer climates...this instant snow might be a great distraction...and
now there is no excuse not to go and roll those snowballs!

(and as always - send us what you create - we would love to share & post it!)

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