Friday, December 3, 2010

Stolen Snowman in England - Call 999!

Yikes! a stolen snowman story and it's only December 3rd!

REUTERS/Toby Melville - A Parks Police officer takes photographs of a snowman
in Richmond Park in south west London December 1, 2010

As reported on the Newslite - it barely qualifies as news website this story was posted about a woman calling the emergency number to report her stolen snowman.
The site reported:
"Police in Kent have warned people not to abuse the 999 system --
after a woman called the emergency number to report her snowman
had been nicked.

The caller said she had just looked outside her house and noticed that the snowman had gone.
When asked if it was an ornamental snowman she said:
"No a snowman made of snow, I made him myself," adding that she'd
used money for the eyes.

Then she uttered the classic line, "It ain't a nice road but you don’t expect anybody to nick your snowman."

You can listen to here Woman calls 999 over stolen snowman (Video) as well as
replaying the story again & again on You Tube.

Yahoo News knows a good story (on a slow news day) and they also picked up this story that
you can view here.

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