Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowmen in Europe - Danish News & more!

Some European Snowmen...found in Science Illustrated.
We came across this Danish posting by Lars Thomas on
asking the questions of:
Hvordan dannes sne? Er det rigtigt, at der ikke findes
to ens snefnug?

[photo © Wikimedia/ German Federal Archive]
To see what all the news is about in English, just go to the Translation page.

And while we are on the subject of European snowmen...we just wanted
to share this German snow rabbit made by our cousin Emily H.

A German Snow Rabbit....[photo © 2010 Emily Hofman via her cell phone]
Emily told us that this rabbit was made outside of her school. She also told
us more of the story, "Our teacher was really late for the first period
because the train was late. So we, the girls that had managed to get to
school in my course, decided to make a snowrabbit. The guys decided that it
would be fun to throw snowballs at us from the classroom window using the
windowsill snow. Since we were almost done when our teacher arrived he let us
finish the snowrabbit while he made himself coffee. I think he was quite surprised
to see us making a snowrabbit."

While in the Swiss Alps...

[photo © Ed Nactrieb 2010]
Thanks to Evan and Quinn for sending your fabulous and fun
"BOB" Snowman in the Alps - We wish we were on vacation with you guys!

Please keep checking back at the blog, once there is more snow on the ground, we will be
starting the Snowman Contest here at Today's Snowman.

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