Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We've Got Signed Snowman Books Right Here!

Signed Snowman Books Available in NYC and On-line.

As seen at TekServe, NYC [photo by Tamar Stone © 2010]

People keep asking us where they can get a copy by signed by the Snowman Expert
of The History of the Snowman - and now we have a few places where you can be
the proud owner of a signed copy:

In NYC you can walk into TekServe on 23rd street or if you are shopping
online, just go to the The Cartoon Bank.

As seen at TekServe, NYC [photo by Tamar Stone © 2010]

If you do happen to be out doing some holiday shopping in NYC,
I found that there were some snowmen at my favorite coffee bar -
at the 7-Eleven on 14th street between 6 & 7th Avenues, in NYC.

7-Eleven snowman cup [photo by Tamar Stone © 2010]

Oh sure you can go to a fancier coffee bar in the area, but how much fun is it
to make your own specialty coffee complete with syrups, mini-marshmallows,
whip cream and more! My in-laws knew what they were doing when they asked
for gift cards from this place! Make mine an extra-large to go!

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