Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Today's Snowman is taking a break from the usual newscast to thank everyone who helped make the book, The History of the Snowman possible. Aside, obviously from my family, I wish to thank my agent Joy Tutela, editors Ursuala Cary and Terra Chalberg, the Spotlight team; Jennifer Robinson, Kelly Stocks, Lucille Rettino, Carl Raymond, Matthew Schwartz and Jane Archer. My friends for their support...Len Belzer, Emily Squires, Jay Sylvester, Randy Smith, Christopher Grotke, Christine Murray, Everett Sherman, Mike Dermansky, Marcy Dermansky, Mark Kalinoski, John Kascht, Dolores Motichka, John Marchese, Bob Hoffman, Kurt Opprecht, Adam Penenberg, Rob & Nani Rombout, Melissa Scheld, Tina Simms, Mike Stevens, Jill Weiner, Ben Wolf, Susan Stauber, Wayne Alfano, Gail Eisenberg, Charlotte & John Kuczynski, Bob Farley, Joe Savo, Thomas Foyer, Ray Lang, Sue Carter, David Smith, Matt Reiss, Steve Meltzer, Marylou Ambrose, Marianne Garnier, Manu Geerinck, Leigh Rubin, and David Humphrey...and some new friends I've meet recently through the book who have been kind to the book; David Callahan, Darryl Price, Bill Bush, Aleca Breneman, Wendy Corbin, Lenore Skenazy, Steve West, Nina Burleigh, Sue & Jeff, the owners of Hamish & Henry bookstore in Livingston Manor, NY, Alison Boteler and Plenty magazine editor & publisher, Mark Spellun.

I realize that the following cartoon could be construed as insensitive toward animals. Hopefully the cartoon takes enough of a leave from reality that nobody is offended. But it must be weird for animals when they learn they're on the menu.

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