Saturday, November 10, 2007

Snowmen in the News

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA – Everyone’s favorite global warming snowman is not dead yet, according to sources who spotted the You Tube sensation in early November at a John Edwards campaign event in Iowa. Despite the state enjoying an Indian summer, the politically charged Frosty was in attendance to spread his usual global warming spiel reports a spokesperson close to the snowman. Most noticeable to many was the snowman’s obvious weight lost to which many blamed on the ever increasing warming of our planet due to increased gas omissions. But the frozen lobbyist says this is simply not the case;

“It’s hot as hell in this costume. I'm sweating like a yak! Can someone, for the love of God, get me out of here?!”

As for what the future held for this walking political statement, he asked America not to worry (about the melting pounds) and that he planned to put back on his usual winter fat around Thanksgiving.

The global warming snowman addressing the press.

The issue of global warming is of biggest concern to our children.

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