Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Inconvenient Truth

The other day I visited bookstores to ask if I could sign their copies and find out if they would be interested in the new snowman poster. But none of the independent shops I visited even had a copy of my book. I went to independent stores throughout Manhattan like The Corner Book Store, St. Mark's Book Store, Crawford Doyle, Book & Berries, Shakespeares..."We don't carry children's books," "Snowmen? Don't think our buyer was interested..." "I HATE SNOWMEN! And for no particular reason!" Luckily, I ran into one book buyer who loved the book when I showed it to them. Rizzoli Bookstore made an order right there and asked me to return next Thursday.

There's an old Peruvian proverb; "Ask locally, act fanatically." In other words, if you are unable to find my book in your local bookstore, please ask and maybe they will consider stocking the book. So many shops are just dismissing it as fiction or as a children's book.

Another way to help keep the snowman book from melting away is to write a review on My publisher keeps telling me reviews help fuel enthusiasm for a book. At the time that I'm writing this there's been only one review left so if you did enjoy the book and like being a tastemaker, feel free to express your delight on the information highway and I will thank you by adding you to my will. I can't tell you what that translates to financially at this time but I would greatly appreciate any help.

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