Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Greetings From Rotterdam, USA

Thanks Rotterdam for a warm welcome. Had a great time (shout-outs to Gus and Ellie for helping fix my flat and Maggie at the Rotterdam Diner for performing the Heimlich Maneuver – promise to eat slower next time!). I was actually supposed to make this trip to upstate NY earlier so I could participate in the Schenectady Colonial Festival that took place nearby on the anniversary of the Schenectady Massacre of February 8-9, 1690, an event which involved, unfortunately, snowmen (details found in Chapter Twelve of my The History of the Snowman book).

OK, enough small talk. So I finally found the infamous Rotterdam snowman and a handsome snowman it is. Of course, I forgot to bring a measuring tape. But I took a photo (above) and based on the fact I'm 6' (OK, almost 5' 10"), it's my estimation that the Great Rotterdam Snowman is at least 14 feet tall! I would think that this would put an end to any suspicion that there is any monkey business associated with the Great Rotterdam Snowman...or it's subsequent photos.

As for the University of Colorado Snowman, I summoned two people's expertise (my nephews who spend alot of time around short people). Both Nicolas and Michael confirmed they saw no wrong-doing or height-challenged participants in the photo in question and went as far to say they would both consider voting for the CU snow figure if conditions were right (they would like laptops). So we got all charges cleared on both snowmen.

(And I want to thank everyone for their participation in this February's Snowman Contest so far. Special thanks to those who already bought The History of the Snowman – and I really appreciate your kind words regarding the book. Bob Eckstein)

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