Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snowman Contest Parity

Currently I am lost on route to Rotterdam, NY and I'd be lying if I said I'm not a bit concerned right I don't see any snow yet.

In the meanwhile, the 8-hour drive (Google Maps said 5 hrs.) has given me time for thought. It hasn't been fair to the other entries that they get less attention but with over two weeks left in the voting there is plenty of time for a comeback and I decided to help the others by digging up some dirt (to make them sound sexier).

When I asked if I could come measure the petite snow sculpture I was told that two seconds after this picture was taken it's creator, hopped up on Steroids, kicked it smack in the teeth and squashed it flat. Originally titled "You Want I Piece of Me??!" this little fellow is, I mean was, a handful and anything but cutesy.
Please vote for #4 Pinecone Cutesy NOW.


"This was a welcome departure from my usual subject matter...pornographic and violent landscapes," says weekend painter, Catherine Widmark seen here sitting on top of her gauche paint and art supplies with her guard dog Charmin. She explained that if you look closely you can see that her snowman is packing heat and admits, "I have cheated so many undisclosed ways during this contest..."

When Today's Snowman insisted she elaborate the intense Ms. Widmark snapped, "Make me."

"We don't make monkeys," replied our TS reporter triggering a twenty minute name-calling altercation, which ultimately went nowhere. How's that for edgy? Vote #5 Outsider Snowman..."if you're not bland."

Tomorrow the other snowmen that are lagging way behind!

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