Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snowman Contest – Round 2

NEW YORK CITY – Round two is finally here and we're all anxious to see some new snowmen already. Feel free to send me your entries and in the meantime each day starting today Today's Snowman will introduce a new snowman. Voting will begin after all entries are posted. Meanwhile, it doesn't take a psychic to predict that the renowned medium Char will win round one. But there are a couple of more days of voting and then we'll officially announce the winner.

#1 Cardboard Snowman

First up is an excellent entry from fellow snowman scholar, Sandy Kinnee. Sandy is not only an artist in various mediums but has also been working on a snowman book himself called, Lost Origins of the Snowman, Bloodless Sacrifice. Excerpts I have seen delve into the snowman's psyche beyond my book and include a more serious examination of the artistic and spiritual connection which exists in snowman-making. More news about this upcoming book in the future. Photo and snowman by Sandy Kinnee, copyright © 2008.

(My recent interview with Bonnie Grice on WLIU radio can be heard here by clicking on my name, Bob Eckstein.)

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